About Combat Temple

Combat Temple was found and established by Master Reza Khodaei in 2007

Who truly thinks martial arts is one the most efficient way of achieving personal health and fitness goals, and even more in higher levels, such as entering to a competition,

Combat Temple was founded by Master Reza Khodaei in 2007.

He has found the practise of martial arts to be one of the most efficient ways of achieving personal health and fitness goals.

This can be of value in itself, as well as eventually enabling more advanced students to compete at a professional or semi-professional level.

My name is Reza Khodaei. My main goal in creating Combat Temple was to carry on the work of my great master (Fereydoon Maleki 1964-2005).

Master Maleki transformed my life and that of many other teenagers who studied with him.

I am now doing my best to continue his mission and pass on what he
taught me.

What have I learnt from his short life?


There is a common misconception that people who practise martial arts tend to be aggressive and violent.

On the contrary, having studied and taught this discipline for over 20 years, I have found that the practise of martial arts
teaches you to keep calm and maintain self-control at all times. During training, much aggression and potentially harmful energy are released in a
positive and disciplined environment. As a result our students become confident, but at the same time humble and respectful.

Here at Combat Temple we guarantee that you will achieve your goals if you keep up training and follow our instructions.

In May 2013 Master Reza created his new project within Combat Temple called Kick Start Community:

This project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, will be run over 12 months to improve the confidence of young people who meet the N.E.E.T. target. We want to see personal advancement of young people through this project, it will improve their health, reduce their isolation and by increasing their provision of activities, we will reduce their chances of becoming involved in the criminal justice system. We aim to help young people aged between 14 and 18.

We will support youngsters with social difficulties with training and by providing weekly and monthly sessions in: