Kids classes

4-10 years old Kickboxing and 10-15 years old Kickboxing classes

The classes for our youngest age group are designed to allow them to release their energy after school, improve their self-discipline, become more independent and self-confident, and learning not to get bullied at any stage of their lives.

They will be taught the basics of human anatomy and be shown how to exercise safely and effectively.

From a very young age our students will learn how to manage a small team of other children.

One of the most advanced students in the class will be in charge, under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

They will have been taught a routine which they use to help their fellow students warm up before the class starts. By the time they get their black belts they have already become experienced in teaching and managing a group of their peers.

I recognize that it can be hard to get children interested in organised sporting activities, so our classes are designed to allow them to have fun while learning martial arts.

We provide a safe and friendly environment for your children to make new friends, and to train and have fun with old friends.

At every level we emphasize that the traditional martial arts never condone or advocate violent or aggressive behaviour, but instead require self-discipline and respect for others.  With the permission of their parents, children may also train for competitions, first at our interclub level (which normally take place every 2 or 3 months at Combat Temple), then at club to club challenge (which happens 2 to 3 times a year), after that at national level and beyond.