What we offer

Providing group and private for both Kids and Adults

At our club we also offer;

At Combat Temple, we will coach you to set life changing goals.

We will help you create goals and work with you to make sure you achieve them. We will design a training system for you, and recalibrate your sessions regularly
to ensure that they remain fun and challenging.
Sport science advocates giving a shock to your nervous system in order to force you to adapt physically and mentally after every single session rather than just maintaining your current level.
We will help you throughout by monitoring your weight, height, fat mass, muscle
mass, BMI, FFM, BMR etc so that you can see for yourself how you are
Call me now on 07931 906926 to get a free personal training consultation and a 30 minutes workout tailored to your requirements.

The philosophy of Combat Temple is simple: Never stop training! You train – we’ll do the rest!